Shelley P. Carter

The boring required part:  I was born and raised just outside of Washington D.C. in Falls Church, Virginia. I finished college at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia and graduated with honors. I graduated from Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota with honors and was on Law Review. The more interesting part: While I was born south of the Mason-Dixon Line, I made it to Maine as soon as I could. I am grateful to be a Yankee by choice! I have been a practicing attorney for over of two decades and I can safely say having spent the majority of my career in Maine, I am here to stay. Maine is definitely the way life should be!

It helps that the loves of my life, my husband Jonathan, my daughter Willow and my four-legged best friend, Baxter live with me in Fryeburg, Maine. If you are willing to indulge my mama bear pride, please check out my singer-songwriter daughter’sYouTube channel: Please also check out my husband’s music website where you can hear covers by both of them, individually and together as well as enjoy Willow’s originals:  Willow recently won the local song of the year contest with her original Late Night Drives and is currently a first year at Berklee College of Music.

Maine Attorney

While my office may be small, I can help you with a range of legal matters in Maine.  I am the only female attorney practicing in my town and for a radius of approximately twenty-five miles. If I had to describe the majority of cases I handle, it would be family law and criminal defense matters.  I also handle protection orders, business formations and simple estate planning matters. I do not handle real estate litigation or matters, real estate matters, landlord/tenant, personal injury, worker’s compensation, social security disability or bankruptcy matters.  Give me a call today at 207.935.1950 if you’d like to schedule a consultation to discuss your legal issue. My practice is client oriented, providing compassionate and dependable direction you can rely on with honest advice and tenacious representation.  You should be prepared to tell me all of the facts surrounding your legal matter and feel safe in doing so; I keep secrets for a living and promise not to judge you. 

Jonathan & Willow Carter singing in Blue Willow Tree Studio, LLC

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